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KS Tools optimise videoscopy
- Improved image quality
- Mirror and zoom function
- Supercharged with 3 additional functions

Not all parts of an engine can be inspected with the naked eye. But the professional nevertheless has to assess its condition expertly. Videoscopy is used for this with which hidden or poorly accessible places in the vehicle can be examined. A camera sensor makes this journey as a third eye. KS Tools has now brought a new videoscopy set onto the market which offers outstanding image quality. Thanks to the mirror and zoom function as well as the new supercharged engineering, mechanics can even trace slight and hidden damage with the aid of the four-piece Ultimate Vision videoscopy set.

The equipment can be used for both photos and videos. Operation is simple using clearly arranged function keys. A 3.5 inch display makes the live inspection visible. The four gigabyte SD memory card enables the recorded information to be viewed on a PC in greater definition and also saved. The equipment can be connected to an external monitor using the cable supplied.

The new supercharged sensor shines out with three additional functions which decisively improve the image quality and working with the equipment.

The image booster function enables the viewing of objects lying deep in darkness. Every mechanic who already has experience of endoscopes or videoscopes knows the irritating problem with disruptive particles when working with mirror attachments. Thanks to the clear view function this is now a thing of the past and the sensor delivers clear images despite the attached mirror.

The third function of the supercharged sensor enables stepped rotation of the image through 360 degrees which is a great help with orientation in the area of observation. The camera is fitted with a dimmable LED light which illuminates the surroundings at all times to the best advantage thereby creating an ideal perspective.

A mirror and the 2x and 4x zoom function on the handset additionally optimises the view and the orientation.

The four-piece Ultimate Vision videoscopy set is supplied in a plastic case complete with 4 gigabyte SD card, 110° mirror attachment and four AA batteries. Other accessories can be supplied on request.