A really firm grip
GRIP Xtreme self-grip pliers: Problem solvers for difficult jobs
- particularly firm „crocodile bite“
- no slipping
- no damage

Tool specialist KS Tools now includes these new extremely robust self-grip pliers in its range. The GRIP Xtreme is ideal for particularly tough jobs, since its grip is considerably stronger than normal tools. Parts can be held with up to three times higher gripping force. With these pliers, slipping is almost impossible. This largely removes the risk of injury. With GRIP Xtreme, damage from slipping of the grip becomes a thing of the past. The pliers are available in two sizes, with article numbers 115.1196 (small) and 115.1197 (large). A product video is available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OOyOszg3gA.

„There are many situations where you really need a firm grip“, declares the KS Tools project management. „Whether it is unscrewing pipe connections, gripping bolts firmly or a track rod, normal self-grip pliers can easily slip.“ With the GRIP Xtreme, this is almost impossible, since with its „crocodile bite“ it can grip particularly tightly. When closing the jaws of the pliers, the lower jaw is pushed forward, causing the serrations to provide an optimal grip on the workpiece.
This means that in many cases they can serve as a third hand. Since they do not slip due to their firm grip, injuries or damage are avoided. This helps to ensure greater safety in the workplace. The biting force of conventional self-grip pliers is around 4900 N - in the case of the new GRIP Xtreme, with 14700 N, this is approximately trebled. Tests have shown that once tensioned, the pliers can hold the weight of a 150 kg person without slipping. This makes the GRIP Xtreme a real problem solver.
The pliers are available in two different sizes to suit different applications. The small GRIP Xtreme measures 175 millimetres and is suitable for diameters from 10 to 40 millimetres. The large pliers are 250 mm long and fit diameters between 14 and 50 millimetres. With both sizes of the pliers in your toolbox, you will be prepared for all eventualities.

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