Clean in record time

Clean in record time
- Pneumatic cleaning gun for difficult to access corners
- Ideal for vehicle valeting
- Rapid and thorough cleaning

Vehicle valeting is a worthwhile service – whether it‘s for used vehicles or even on for a customer. But many vehicles need a sales fresh-up. This is where the new pneumatic cleaning gun from KS Tools comes in. It puts an end to time-consuming vehicle care and assists the all-over application of very finely atomised cleaning agents. At the same time, a powerful swirling air stream loosens off the dirt particles. So the hard to get at places inside the vehicle are once more clean. Upholstery or roof linings can likewise be cleaned effortlessly in this way. The new gun is available from KS Tools under the product number 515.1980.

The newly conceived cleaning gun works even better than before due to its improved technology. A rotating tube now makes for less wear on the equipment. Unlike a vacuum cleaner, a pneumatic cleaning gun conveys stubborn dust upwards by means of an air vortex which is formed at the funnel outlet. This vortex can also penetrate into hidden areas and effectively loosens the dirt there, for instance in soiled ventilation ducts.
At the same time the gun, in conjunction with the powerful air stream, can apply cleaning agents from the fixed tank onto the surface, penetrating especially well into the material without soaking it through. The user can choose whether to work with air stream only or with a mixture of air and fluid. It is likewise possible to vary the cleaning agent dosing thereby individually tailoring to the actual need.
The surface is in any case only dampened so that upholstery, for example, can dry out at lightning speed. The air stream can also be used effectively for drying after the application and interaction of the cleaning agent. This way the cleaned vehicle is ready again in tip top condition and in no time at all.
The pneumatic cleaning gun has been created to make difficult to access areas such as ventilation ducts, dashboards or switch recesses look like new again. Even utilising the gun between the seats, on the fuel tank filler, on the roof lining or convertible hood promises clean results.
The pneumatic cleaning gun is suitable for all those involved with vehicle valeting, whether it‘s a specialist preparation company or used car sellers. Also for companies who want to return an outstandingly clean vehicle after a repair, the pneumatic cleaning gun is something to consider. Taxi and bus companies can likewise let their vehicles gleam like new again with this tool.

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