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- Plastic welding equipment produces clean and robust repairs
- Durable repairs which justify market value
- Offer customers an environmentally friendly alternative
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- KS TOOLS brake service tool for passenger and utility vehicles
- Reset brake pistons with no escape of brake fluid
- No damage to seals and piston ways
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- saves on having a lot of individual separators
- ideal for SUVs, off road and utility vehicles
- a must for the utility vehicle workshop
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- no risk of damage
- the greatest possible model coverage
- The solution for drive shafts with tight keyway profiles
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KS TOOLS offers repair kit with stainless steel staples
- Produce stable joints
- Repair plastic parts cost-effectively
- Simple and safe handling
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Second generation SlimPOWER impact driver from KS TOOLS – now with 1,300 Nm
- compact design
- powerful loosening moment
- small format with big performance
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- Impressive stand concept
- Trade fair highlights inspire the visitors
- Special tool catalogue generates great interest
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KS TOOLS publishes catalogue with 10,000 special tools
- Premium quality at outstanding price /performance ratio
- Everything from a single source
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