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KS TOOLS optimise videoscopy
- Improved image quality
- Mirror and zoom function
- Supercharged with 3 additional functions
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- Injector extraction set loosens effectively and without damage
- Cost-effective and practical solution
- Large market coverage with one tool set
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- Pneumatic cleaning gun for difficult to access corners
- Ideal for vehicle valeting
- Rapid and thorough cleaning
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Compact bit box from KS TOOLS with special precision-fit bits
- High engaging accuracy of the bits
- Less wear on the screws
- High breaking strength
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Fluidstopper prevents the leakage of fluids
- Universal line clamp
- Revolving magazine for easy use
- No leakage, no penetration of foreign bodies
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Powerful pneumatic impact driver for high demands
- Lightweight impact driver with plenty of power
- Faster torque build-up
- Maximum torque: 1690 Nm
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- Special tool for wheel hub dismantling
- An economical complete solution
- Wheel bearings and brake discs changed quickly
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