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Replacement rubber ring set, 6 pcs


Replacement rubber ring set, 6 pcs

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  • for the assembly and disassembly of hard to open CLIC spring closure pipe coupling for fuel, air-conditioning, air and hydraulic pipes
  • no damage to the compression coupling, fuel pipes and fuel hoses
  • quick and easy separation of the fuel pipes
  • ideally suited to passenger cars, transporters, MPVs, commercial vehicles, tractors, agricultural and construction machinery
  • for almost all pipe connections on European, Asian and American vehicle types
  • suitable for metric and imperial couplings
  • special plastic

Application range: Air-conditioning, fuel and air lines as well as hydraulics lines


Material1: rubber
Parts in the set: 6
Weight [g]: 1
Packaging length, mm: 63
Packaging height, mm: 36
Packaging width, mm: 36
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