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A/C Diagnostic sight glass,3 pcs

A/C Diagnostic sight glass,3 pcs

  • 550.1195
  • 4042146604755
  • €833.50 *



  • Ideal for rapid diagnosis and the almost complete replacement of the a/c oil
  • Simple handling
  • Easy adaption of a/c diagnostic tool
  • Built-in filter keeps debris back in the glass
  • Diagnosis at rest , visually check for any water , debris and quality of a/c oil
  • Emptying the greenhouse gas on the low pressure side
  • In durable plastic storage case


Packaging: plastic storage case
Application in general: automobile
Packaging contents: 1
Parts in the set: 3
Unboxing link: Video
Weight [g]: 3000
Pin diameter in mm: Video
Accessories: 321
Accessories: 397
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550.1196 1 x FOT_PRO_ALG_AUTO_550.1196_SALL_AING_V1 Main unit with transparent sight glass €545.74 *
550.1197 1 x FOT_PRO_ALG_AUTO_550.1197_SALL_AING_V1 Low pressure hose €286.75 *
550.1198 1 x FOT_PRO_ALG_AUTO_550.1198_SALL_AING_V1 High pressure hose €191.88 *