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ULTIMATEvision MASTER Videoscope set,6 pcs, flexible 1m,Ø 4,9mm

ULTIMATEvision MASTER Videoscope set,6 pcs, flexible 1m,Ø 4,9mm

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  • Adjustable function for the angle of vision through the one way sending device
  • 3 adjustable Mini-LED-lamps
  • Mobile and network independent system
  • Optimal handling through network or independent working
  • Probes substantially stronger and less breakage, there no glass fiber cable
  • Working temperature of + 0°C to +55°C
  • Excellent picture quality and viewing through special camera in the probe head
  • Optionally expandable with other probes
  • Very good picture and video quality
  • Picture reception in JPEG format
  • Video records in MPEG4-format
  • View on a TV monitor with AV cable possible
  • Multi lingual menu (14 languages)
  • Versitile usage
  • Incl. 4xAA batteries
  • 2 component housing protects against light impacts
  • With high quality foam protection material
  • In durable plastic storage case

Scope of delivery:
• Basic unit
• AV cable
• 8 GB SD card
• USB data cable
• Battery set 4xAA
• Selected videoscope probe


Application range: 40-100mm - 90°bend flexibility above Ø50mm
Operating time: ca. 4 h
Operating temperature: -20°C to +60°C
Output format: NTSC and PAL
AV Magnification: is up to 15" over cinch
Bend radius: max. 30 mm
Screen: 3,5" TFT LCD VGA
Picture storage format: AVI, JPG (640x480)
Focused depth of field: 10 ~ ∞ mm
Brightness: 33 Lux
Camera resolution: 320 (H) x 240 (V) = 76,800 Pixel
Camera protection: designed out of sapphire glasse
Camera protection 2: camera sheath made out of stainless steel
Light source: 8 dimmable white mini LED lamps
Aperture angle: diagonal 150.8°
Language manual: DE, EN, FR, ES, IT, DA,
Language manual 1: ZH, RU, NL, AR, JA, PL,
Language manual 2: BG
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