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Milling burr, round cone design, short

Milling burr, round cone design, short

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  • Minimal material adhesion
  • Long life time
  • Big removal rates and high cutting performance
  • For cutting speed up to max 1100 m/min (max. speed 16.000 - 30.000 rpm)
  • Smooth running

To that filleted, edges break, plasters, welded seams and area preparation

Suitable for Aluminum alloys, hard Aluminum alloys (high SI portion), brass, copper, zinc, bronze, titanium, fiber-reinforced plastics GFK/CFK, thermoplastics, hard rubber


Form: round
Surface: polished
Material1: hardmetal
Packaging contents: 1
Height H: 25
Part length L2 in mm: 25.0
Diameter D2: 6.0
Diameter D1: 12.0
Total length L1 in mm: 65.0
Diameter in mm: 12
Weight [g]: 37
Accessories: 100
Pin diameter in mm: 72
Accessories: 1/2
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